Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Felt a little off this morning and had a moment of "Oh you can just skip working out today" and then I heard another, very Wolverine-esque, voice go "Don't punk out bub!" Went to the gym and had a great lift today, just goes to show that even when you don't feel like it you can still get in a solid lift.

Bike: 10 min for 3 mi
Squat: 135 1x5, 260 5x5
Overhead Press: 115 2x5, 2x4, 1x5
Deadlift: 260 1x5, 225 1x7
Weighted Dip: 35lbs 5x10
Weight Chin: 35lbs 4x5, 1x6
Weighted Hang: 35 lbs 19s, 25s, 25s
Unweighted Chin: 10, 9, 8

Came home to awesome scent of BBQ pulled beef marinating in the slow cooker.....I am going to eat so much tonight when that is done.

Eating like food is going out of style today; planning to start a 2 week heavy cut tomorrow, which will probably turn into 4 weeks

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