Friday, February 17, 2012


I woke up this morning feeling puffy and just overall gross thanks to my binge yesterday, I enjoyed the hell out of it at the time; but, you have to wonder if the consequences are worth the fleeting joy. Oh well, I don't feel guilt over it, just another reminder why I eat clean.

Today is going to be deadlift day, will post my numbers after hitting the gym; for now I am pounding coffee, listening to Rammstein, looking at in shape women and just getting overall pumped up before the gym. I am also thinking about starting to experiment with BCAAs, creatine, and maybe some form of protein powder.

Workout stats:
Warmup- 10 min. Stationary bike at lvl 8, 3 miles
Squat- 135lb 1x5, 250lb 5x5
Overhead Press- 110lb  5x5
Deadlift- 255lb 1x5, 225lb 1x6
Dip- 32.5lb 5x10
Chin-up- 32.5lb 4x5, 1x6
Chin-up- Body weight 1x8, 1x5, 1x6

Stopped off after my workout to pick up some supplements, I got creatine and a pre-workout Amino Acid mix; I was thinking about getting a protein powder but it just so happened that the steak house near the supp store was grilling at the time, so I went and bought a few steaks at the grocery instead.

Fasted: ~16 hours

Meal 1: Hunk of lamb with broccoli and peas


  1. Damn, that workout must have taken all day.

  2. HAHA I think it took somewhere around an hour and fifteen, once my squats get back up into the 300+ range it will start taking all day with 5 min breaks between every set.