Saturday, February 18, 2012


Looking and feeling a hell of a lot better than yesterday morning; the puffiness has gone away and I have a nice low level post-lift sore going ( I absolutely love that feeling)

Still too early to comment on the effectiveness of the creatine in any major way, planning to try the fasted pre-workout BCAA before doing some sprint work today; so we will be seeing how that goes for me. It's looking like I am going to be munching on some pulled pork tonight before most likely heading out to party it up.

Alright, just drank BCAA powder for the first time; let's see what happens.
Body is starting to get all tingly, this is a rather odd feeling

Verdict for today's BCAA experiment: I think I overdid it and tried too much at once, either too much BCAA  or too much water in a very short time for my body. I got a queasy feeling as I started my workout and opted to just sit down with the dogs rather than push it too hard and see my insides come out.

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  1. I love that tingly feeling. Much more acute when you haven't eaten.

    Also I found the creatine took about three weeks to have an effect, so don't hold your breath.